Sensational Elora Photography Contest Awards Mary Morrissey Honourable Mention

Mary Morrissey’s ‘Her Son’s Creation’ was awarded an honorable mention at this year’s Sensational Elora Festival in Elora, Ontario, Canada. On hand to collect her award, Mary was proud to have the subject of her photograph sitting in the audience. Mary describes the photograph as:

Her Son's CreationThe inspiration of this shot is the contenment of the mother demonstrating the functionality of a half door ably made by her son. The warmth of the glow on her face contrasts with the cold yet beautiful country outside the door. The discinction between inside and outside is clear yet the outside is invited in. The texture of the purple coat in is contrast to the pale white snow and wispy grass. Technically, both near and distance are in focus. We are led from the inside out and for a short time before the door is closed the outside receives a glimpse inside.
I used a Cannon G10 camera to take this winter shot.